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Univest Creative Agency

The creative agency is part of the Univest Group of Companies established in 1994. We are vested with an immense responsibility, as we are the chief creative subdivision of the holding, the place where the flow of thoughts is continuous, where new ideas are born. At the same time, owing to Univest’s facilities, we are ready to offer project implementation on a high professional level rather than just creativity

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Product branding

Creating unique consumer brands rather than copying the existing ones. Looking for new market space, creative methods of involving potential consumers

Content creation

Competent copywriting and appropriate illustrations not only communicate the necessary information to the audience but also assure of the correctness of the arguments and reasoning set forth


The electronic format can supplement publishing with the advantages of video content, dynamic infographics and other interactive elements


The visual forms of infographics allow presenting the picture of events in an accessible and realistic manner, including the hard to perceive statistical information

Own brands

Low first cost, saving on import, a flexible approach to range shaping and production volumes are only a few of the advantages of OBs

POS design

The final frontier of the fight for consumer involvement in the process of purchase decision making

Photo shoots

A professional team of photographers plus a modern studio and professional postproduction specialists result in the image on the packaging being far brighter and more attractive than that of your competitors

Packaging design

Whatever we develop, we try to go beyond cliches while carefully ensuring that producibility and ease of production are maintained

3D visualization

Flat design is not enough to shape the final thought on the new project. 3D visualization allows seeing the 3D packaging from all sides

Key customers

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  • NaftogazNaftogaz
  • MetroMetro