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About us

The creative agency is part of the Univest Group of Companies established in 1994. We are vested with an immense responsibility, as we are the chief creative subdivision of the holding, the place where the flow of thoughts is continuous, where new ideas are born. At the same time, owing to Univest’s facilities, we are ready to offer project implementation on a high professional level rather than just creativity.
We enjoy the trust of companies from various spheres of activity – retail, the agricultural sector, food, cosmetics production and many others.
We like our work and are happy when the projects implemented reach the goals set. We understand creativity not as an abstract concept but as a tool that allows communicating the idea to the target audience. We will be happy to help you with the following projects:

Corporate media

Development of b2b, b2p or b2c corporate media, printed or electronic publications. Building media platforms for external and internal communication

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Retail design

The agency is oriented towards cooperation with retail chains. We offer a complex of services whose main task is to involve consumers

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Packaging development

One of the components of product branding that we single out as a separate important area and pay immense attention to

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Our mission:
We look for new ideas and solutions in marketing communications design and work for companies whose convictions match our values

Key customers

  • MetroMetro
  • NaftogazNaftogaz
  • AhmadAhmad
  • AuchanAuchan

The creative team at your service

Viacheslav Slobodian
Head of Agency

There is no need to hunt customers literally. You have to create cool products, and your customers will find you

Liliia Hoptarieva
Art Director

Creativity is the solution to the task, and we practice it tirelessly every day

Maksym Noschenko
Technical Director

Our shtick is complicated projects with deadlines set for yesterday; this is the kind of situation when incredible designer power awakes

Maryna Streliuk
Customer Director

Some tasks seem to be undoable, but it is them that make you advance and make us better