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Corporate Identity

Visual character of the brand

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is a complex system of all the visual characteristics of your brand. We create logo, design font pairings and color combinations, work on graphic elements.

Dynamic Identities

Dynamic identities will make client communication more effective and alive. Adapt your logo to your business needs.

Corporate Identity Guidelines

This document contains main visual guidelines, correct usage of graphic elements and proper logo placement.



Full cycle of packaging development

Packaging Design

The right packaging design is developed for a consumer. We highlight the valuable characteristics of a product, create the design concept and adapt it to the market.


Packaging Prototype

Packaging prototype is needed to correct the design before launching the product.

3D visualization

We will create a 3D model of a product. You will be able to make as many edits as you like and look at it from all sides on the screen.



Design of manager tools

Сorporate Сalendar

Calendar is a complex marketing tool for the company. It will present you to the partners in a more favorable light, will help you to build relationships with customers and establish communication within the company.

Product Catalog

With the help of a catalog you can expand the сircle of your marketing influence and customer base. A product catalog is also needed to show the best of your product and convince the consumer to buy.


Using infographics in your presentations and reports, you will deliver information more accurately and achieve your goal. We make both kinds of infographics — static and animated.

Annual Report

Financial indicators are better perceived graphically. Order the design of your annual report to demonstrate plainly the company’s growth over the past year.

Corporate Magazine

Сorporate periodicals are necessary to support connections within your team and improve the company’s image. We also suggest creating a corporate magazine for partners.

Video Infographics

Branded video infographics keeps user’s attention better than texts. Use it to get the most out of the audience.



Growing ideas for meaningful advertising

Photo Shoot

In Univest Creative agency you can order a photo shoot for packaging, a trade catalog, a website or promotional materials. We also offer a stylist.

Advertising Campaigns

An advertising campaign is an opportunity to influence the client’s emotional perception and offer rational advantages. Order a complex advertising campaign to increase sales.

Brand Support

Do you look for an agency each time you launch a new advertising campaign? Don’t waste your time and money — hire one professional team.



Tools for high-performance work

Animation for Business

Animation is interactive, original and effective communication that has a positive user experience.



The right presentation is your secret tool in negotiations. We will create a corporate presentation template for your company.


Landing Page / Promo Site

The landing page format convinces the client to purchase your product and makes it easy to quickly contact the company. Order a landing page when launching a new business or a product to grow the customer base and get the first conversions.