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Product packaging has the power to attract customers

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Creative packaging design helps


boost sales

Well-designed product package/label and branding can persuade customers to choose your products.


increase customer loyalty

Brand awareness and product visibility will increase.


set your apart from the competition

A successful business requires an original pitch that will visually set your product apart from others.

Tell everyone who comes to the store –
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Design and 3D visualisation together 40% cheaper

We will create the structure and design of your product packaging. Then we will prepare a 3D model of the packaging without producing a prototype. Our partners will bring the idea to life. One order and the packaging is ready.

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What is included in packaging design


the structure and materials option


3 design concept options


3D model and visualisation



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Product packaging design



We will propose the best solution after the briefing.


Packaging structure

Our specialist will advise you on the optimum structure.



Our team will offer you at least 3 design concepts.


Design process

We will refine all design details once the concept has been approved.


3D visualisation

Allows to see the package from all sides, to check the correct structure.


Prepress process

We will refine all design details once the concept has been approved.


The cost depends on


the amount of work



Before work starts, we will prepare a commercial offer and modify it for your needs.

Help your new product successfully launch in the retail market.

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