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Fast food packaging. Materials, construction, design

Packaging design

Today for many people studies and career development have become a key priority. But still it is necessary to meet with friends and close people, do some sports, have a hobby and deal with domestic questions. During the day it is required to finish so many tasks, but we are limited having only 24 hours. A fast pace of our life has a significant impact on our nutrition. Do you even remember the taste of obligatory mum’s breakfasts and family dinners? Only on weekends and special occasions we have some time to pamper yourself with restaurant delicacies or home-made dishes. On other days our breakfasts, lunches and dinners are ruled by fast food.

With every year instant food wins more and more of the gastronomic market. Diversity of fast food and takeaway food offers is extremely impressive: from stuffed buns to a complete meal, and even using the traditions of practically any cuisine of the world.

How should a fast food packaging look like?

There is an enormous amount of different shapes and design ideas for fast food packaging – burgers, French fries, pizza or Chinese, Asian and Mexican food. Every type of cuisine needs its own packaging that will save freshness, temperature and attractiveness of the product, at the same time being convenient for the customer.

For owners of fast food business it is important to choose the correct type, design and material for packaging of their products.

Producers of fast food packaging offer a lot of ready-made solutions such as packs, boxes, containers, bags with handle, cups and others that can contain not only one type of a product, but even a complete meal.

Fast food packaging has to meet specific requirements:

  1. Environmental friendliness.
  2. Practicality.
  3. Functionality.
  4. User-friendliness.
  5. Ease disposal.
  6. Affordability.

Production materials

Fast food packaging is most often made of cardboard or paper, but for some products it is required to use plastic containers, carriers and coasters made of foam materials. Metal packaging is also very popular. The use of these materials allows to perform almost any packaging design while the cost of them is relatively low.

All materials used for fast food packaging have to necessarily comply with sanitary standards and normative documents (certificates, standards), since they are in contact with food that you are going to eat now. Warm, cold, sour or spicy dishes must not react with packaging materials.

But that is not all.

Packaging should keep its shape to save the visual attractiveness of a product that is inside. Deformed or smushed food falls short of expectations no matter how tasteful and useful it was. Development of packaging design for food should be entrusted only to a proven company that is specialized in this kind of services. Creative agency Univest Creative from Kyiv is ready to perform packaging development from concept creation till a ready-to-use product consignment.

High-quality packaging keeps a product warm, saves its taste and flavor.

Paper boxes and containers for fast food should not be penetrated by oil or saturated as well as be resistant to ultraviolet light. With this purpose producers use special parchment layers, food cardboard and craft paper – wrapping paper made of cellulose.

As this packaging is not intended for a long-term storage of fast food, a larger part of packaging has self-erecting construction. It is really convenient for the seller, since product packing does not take a lot of time as well as for the customer who will need only several seconds to open his lunch or dinner.

Do not forget that not only packaging has to be of a high quality, but also the contents of a box are important for the customer.

Design of packaging

Development of your own packaging design is a good opportunity to make your product recognizable. Major and well-promoted fast food brands can afford packaging without superficial things; it is enough to design it in their corporate style. Their products are recognized and loved by regular customers. Nevertheless, brand new ideas draw attention of independent entrepreneurs, and they willingly invest in fundamentally new developments.

Brand new design and style of packaging will be appropriate for the newcomers in this business segment. Such a step will make a product popular in a short time (obviously, if the contents are equally bright, juicy and having unforgettable taste as a new packaging itself). It is possible to brand packaging with a logo, design it in a corporate style of the producing company, share some information (for instance, number of calories) or complement it with any interesting element.

Your main goal is to draw attention, sell a tasty and demanded product and make your customer come back to you for the next portion.

What do we offer?

A turnkey packaging.

Together with our partner FoodinBox, we will develop a concept for fast food packaging, its design and construction, and then will send it for production. You will receive a ready-to-use packaging.

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