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Univest rebranding

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All the brands of the company have been developing independently for many years, scarcely coordinated with each other and offering related services to the market. Sometimes the customer would not understand what is the Univest that is fulfilling the commission.
The main idea of rebranding is to conceptually gather all the areas of activity of the holding into one customer advertising service cycle, to develop the overall marketing strategy besides the subdivisions’ personal strategies and shape Univest’s common space whose work in the market is based on unified standards, to develop all the necessary attributes from positioning to the visual image.


The logos of all the subdivisions comply with one graphical scheme, the main part played by the word Univest, the name of the area playing the secondary one. We simplified the logos by removing signs and retained the legacy based on similarity of writing. All in all, all the elements of the brand look modern and laconic, stick in one’s memory well and reflect the content clearly.

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September 07, 2016


Corporate Identity, Corporate Identity