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Animated content creation

Animation gives you endless possibilities for your ideas



If you need an animation for high audience engagement at low price.

You should order a stop-motion from Univest Creative! This animation is created from multiple shots. You will get an amazing result. Moving objects tell a whole story, which is ideal for advertising and social content.

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The advantages of stop-motion:

  • low cost compared to other types of animation
  • short time to produce
  • universal format suitable for most media
  • high audience conversion

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Video Presentation

If you want to show the strengths of your company or product in an attractive and interactive way, we are happy to help you.

The video presentation ordered in Univest Creative is your choice! These are 1-3 minute videos that colourfully and dynamically highlight all the benefits of the products or services.

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The advantages of a video presentation:

  • easy-to-understand
  • visual demonstration of all the features and benefits of the product
  • product brand amplification
  • interactive content for conferences and meetings
  • universal format suitable for social media and other Internet resources

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2D Animation


If you need to show your product in an attractive and cost-effective way without having to shoot an expensive video, you can order a 2D animation from Univest Creative. The animated illustration is easily and positively perceived by the viewer.

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The advantages of a 2D animation:

  • short time to produce
  • positive perception of the target audience
  • affordable cost, depending on the length of the animation
  • suitable for any idea

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Explainer Video

A short video that consistently describes how an application, product or service works. An explainer video shows the benefits and uses in a simple way to attract a new audience.

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The advantages of an explainer video:

  • increases brand awareness
  • saves the user time and takes care of them
  • strengthens company loyalty
  • additional advertising of the product
  • increases product sales, actively influences on an emotional and rational level
  • universal format suitable for social media and other Internet resources

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Social media animations


Would you like to increase your company’s social media followers?
Take advantage of our social media animation service. Users don’t have enough time for longreads nowadays. Prepare content in short animated videos that catch the eye and increase audience engagement!

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Where can this be used?

  • stories for Instagram and Facebook
  • attractive Instagram and Facebook posts
  • videos for Instagram and TikTok

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3D animation

Do you need to demonstrate the inner workings of the most complex objects or complex processes?

Using our 3D product video animation services, you can realise any idea you have.

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The advantages of 3D animation:

  • ability to apply amazing effects
  • visualisation of complex processes and objects for partners, customers or employees
  • realistic video of maximum quality
  • attracting the audience’s attention through the innovative execution of the video
  • universal format suitable for social media and other Internet resources

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Creative solutions are the key to the audience attention

Enhance your marketing activity with creative animation services

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Production Process

01. Script

Every project starts with a brief to identify your needs from the video project.

The stage includes important details: the goal of the animation, product features, the target audience and more.

We are ready to work with your script or our team will create one based on your needs and preferences.

2 days

02. Storyboard


Our next step is to tell the story visually, creating a consistent set of sketches showing how the action will develop from scene to scene, with descriptions of the visual effects.

A storyboard helps designers and animators create scenes and transitions between them.

3 days

03. Illustration

The visual style is created at this stage of the animation process. We add the necessary details, graphic elements and colour touches based on the storyboard. We get full-colour images that show us what the individual scenes of the animation will look like.

They include character designs, illustrations, text compositions, infographics, icons and more.

10 days

04. Animation


Our visual style comes to life and the animated video takes shape. Combined with a voiceover, the result is a captivating animated video. This is a time consuming stage, so patience is the key

15 days

05. Music

It’s time to add the perfect soundtrack and sound effects to create the mood in the video.

This stage of the animation process is very important, it enhances the feel of the video and gives it more dynamics.

3 days


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