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MHP 2021 annual report

About This Project

February 2022

We started working on the design of the annual report in November 2021. It was to be a report on MHP Transformation and its transition to the next level. MHP Change…

Terrible changes have taken place all over the world and they have fundamentally changed the lives of Ukrainians. This report is the first big job we have done in the ‘new world’.


Lines and compositions of rectangles are the main stylistic elements of the graphic concept of the annual report.

Metaphorically, these elements symbolise change and transformation. With the effect of overlapping rectangles, we illustrate the closing of old directions and the opening of new ones.

Presentation of information

Bar charts and pie charts are presented in a concise style; their main purpose is to communicate data as clearly as possible.


Each section has its own colour coding. The photos therefore correspond, firstly, to the chosen colour scheme and, secondly, to the theme of the section.



Type of work

Concept / Design / Digital


Annual Report, Design, Presentations, Sales Tools