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  • Annual report
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  • Commercial Offer
  • Company presentation
  • Speech deck

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What type of presentation do you need?

Annual report

*is not only the summary of a successful year, but also a media story

The annual report is an opportunity to inspire your colleagues and executives to achieve great results.

A creative annual report will be a contribution to the company’s brand and marketing.

Sales presentation

*marketing kit for big clients and partners

To create an effective marketing kit, you need to do your research and find your strengths.

The presentation design will help to make this information clear and attractive.

Сommercial offer

*for startups looking for an investors and partners

How to show the benefit to investors and convince them to cooperate?

The presentation will describe the project and highlight the possible profits briefly.

Product catalogue

*to boost your sales

Multimedia presentations showcase products more effectively than static catalogues.

You can rotate 360, zoom in, view details and watch video content.

Informational presentation

*for interim reports and speeches

Corporate reports need to be easy to understand.

High-quality infographics helps to explain complex processes in a single slide.

Speech deck

*for training courses, lectures and webinars

The competition in the infobusiness is intense.

The accessibility of the material, clear presentation and exclusive presentation design will set you apart from other speakers.

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Static and dynamic presentation formats

Before ordering a presentation, choose the best format for your needs. We design presentations in the most popular formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote.

The best option for a static presentation;
The presentation has a small size;
Available for display on any device;
Compatible with all OS.

Useful for corporate use;
Includes all multimedia features (sound, video, animation).

Has more design possibilities;
Looks like a huge data field, which makes it easy to zoom in on the required fragment;
Perfect for demonstrating a structure with multiple levels;
Useful for trainings and conferences.

Available for Mac OS devices;
Almost no design limits.

Presentation production process

How do we make presentations?


Deep dive

Source client's content processing

We research your company and collect the right marketing information, highlighting the key points to make a presentation plan.



Writing the story

We write a compelling story to create a presentation concept and highlight the key messages.



Visual style of presentation

At this stage, we select the visual style that best suits your needs. It includes basic colours, graphic elements and typography. We offer the creation of infographics and the selection of illustrations, if necessary.


Slide design

Final layout

We put all the pieces together and improve the finished business presentation. Before we give it to you, we test the content and choose the most effective version.

The right presentation is your secret tool in negotiations

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