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The training project corporate identity

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Metinvest Group jointly with CSR Development Center, an NGO, carries out a number of activities aimed at popularizing the profession of metallurgist and miner among teenagers. OPEN4TEENS educational action is a part of all-Ukrainian project “Map of professions”.

The task was to develop a corporate identity for the event and translate it into a series of materials, the main of which are the booklets “Your Future in Metallurgy” and “Your Future in Mining”.


Our designers had a difficult task to maximally attract the attention of schoolchildren and reveal the nuances of mining and metallurgy to an unprepared audience.

We tried to make the information as much understandable as possible, using lots of illustrative material, preferring a clear graphic presentation. First of all, we saturated the visual material with characters, then suggested a stylistic combination of flat graphics and collaging. For greater interaction with users, we used augmented reality, based on AR technology, in the booklets. Thanks to this, we were able to achieve a maximum perception effect.

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Corporate identity




Corporate Identity, Design