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WOG 2015 calendar

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While creating the calendar, we were primarily guided by the desire to show that WOG is a Ukrainian fuel station chain covering all the oblasts of the country. Today the issue of Ukraine’s unification is especially important, and it is this idea that should be communicated to the heart of every person wherever they live, perceived by them, touching the most secret strings of their soul using visual imagery.


The rapid development of modern technologies affects our daily life and lifestyle. This increases the interest Ukrainians show in the roots, traditions and ethnic peculiarities underlying our uniqueness. The development of a unified, independent state is impossible today without a strong national and historic background, which includes national symbols.
Ukrainians have been respectful of holidays, traditions, customs and symbols since olden times. A crown of flowers and herbs decorated with bright ribbons and other elements is one of the oldest Ukrainian symbols. It was not composed of random flowers, as their correct combination is a kind of amulet charged with the force of nature. Drivers, for instance, are reliably protected with amulets composing of wheat ears, flowers and objects symbolizing health, strength, happiness and prosperity. Interestingly, such amulets are shaped as circles, which evokes associations with a wheel. It will be of interest to WOG’s customers that poppy, snowball berries, mallow, peony, immortelle and mint bring good health and domestic harmony with them, wormwood protects from evil spirits, periwinkle is an amulet against evil and envious powers, whereas acorns symbolize Herculean health…
In order to retain and cherish the traditions of our ancestors carefully, observe the customs, heed the voice of the wise ancestors, we suggested that we select the most important holiday for each month and a symbol matching it. The project to create such a calendar for our customer, WOG, turned out to be very interesting and enlightening. Professional flower arrangers and historians were involved in its implementation. We revised countless old folk songs and tales, looked through quite a lot of information on the effect of plant symbols on humans. However, old people’s stories of amulets, symbols, folk customs and traditions struck us the most. All of this was taken as a basis for the creation of such a wonderful calendar.


WOG Ukraine

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Concept / Floristics / Design / Photography


October 14, 2014


Design, Сorporate Сalendar