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MHP 2015 calendar

MHP 2015 calendar

About This Project


MHP, a company uniting over 30 businesses situated throughout Ukraine and abroad, is currently one of the leaders in the introduction and implementation of innovative projects. Some of its production complexes may be easily called businesses of the future, where all the employees work in a setting of maximum encouragement of professional and career growth, as well as all-round development of their talents and capabilities.
The calendar was primarily created for the employees of the businesses being part of the company. The main idea was to show openness as one of the basic values of the staff and demonstrate the assurance of the company’s successful development.


In order to tell about the company’s activities and emphasize the idea of the project interestingly and meaningfully, we used an unconventional approach that time. We started by rejecting banal photographs of the businesses, as they did not match our intention whatsoever. An original and modern decision was found – to represent the company’s operation in the form of infographics but in the way a child would do it rather than using dry graphs and numbers. Paper art techniques matched the implementation of this intention excellently.
Wasting no time, our whole agency became involved in the extremely exciting work – for two months, we were trying to perceive our project with children’s eyes, inventing various options, “creating” handmade industrial facilities from simple shapes to biogas complexes, cutting out, gluing the samples of the company’s various products.
As a result, we obtained an interesting, unconventional calendar, lively and sincere, whose content convinces that the key to MHP’s success and high performance is a close-knit team, people being the key value of the company.
We express immense gratitude to the customer that believed in the visual concept offered. We are proud that our staff managed to implement the idea and create an informative, creative calendar.



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Concept / Handmade / Design / Photography


November 19, 2014


Design, Сorporate Сalendar