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DTEK 2020 annual report

Brief The design of DTEK Group's 2020 annual report had to reflect the launch of the new strategy 2030, its priorities to transform into a greener, more efficient and technologically advanced...

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10 February

Animated video Galerie du Thé

Ahmad Tea has created a new brand, Galerie du Thé, which offers a range of rare premium teas. The special feature is that it is not a mass production, the...

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28 January

MHP 2020 annual report

Brief Our loyal customer MHP is the leading agricultural holding in Ukraine. Despite this it remains open to everything new, caring about people and responsible to the environment. This year, the visual...

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28 October

The training project corporate identity

Brief Metinvest Group jointly with CSR Development Center, an NGO, carries out a number of activities aimed at popularizing the profession of metallurgist and miner among teenagers. OPEN4TEENS educational action is...

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27 August

Business Souvenirs Metinvest

Brief Our creative agency receives all sorts of challenges from customers. This time we were faced with the task of creating creative, memorable and "talking" souvenirs for Metinvest Group clients. Solution Univest Creative...

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24 February

Sustainability Report Metinvest

Brief Develop a design concept for a social report for Metinvest Group, one of the leading players in the mining and metals industry. Illustratively and structurally describe their sustainability achievements and...

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18 February

Billa Clever Campaign

Brief Ukrainian retailer Billa approached us to develop advertising communication for its own Billa Clever brand. Our task was to create fun heroes-friends who travel around the Billa supermarket and...

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28 May

MHP 2017 annual report

Brief The annual report may not be a boring folder that is difficult to read, even for its creators. This document is a reason for the company to be proud of...

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31 August

MHP Corporate Magazine Concept 2017

Задача МХП ежегодно принимает решение об обновлении корпоративного журнала. Пора создавать новый дизайн! Проблемы предыдущих изданий Большое количество текста. Недостаток прямого контакта с руководством компании. Мы также предложили увеличить количество визуальных материалов, инфографики...

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22 June